Corset with embroidered crystals


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Color: gold

Feminine corset with adjustable straps, fits snugly. The front of the corset is embroidered with crystals. Part of the chest is embroidered with both crystals and chain elements.
The corset can be closed at the back with hooks, which can be used to adjust the circumference of the corset.
The corset bowls have wires, and the base of the corset holds its shape firmly because of the wires embedded in the sides.
Silicone lines are embedded inside the corset so that it adheres perfectly to the skin.

Length: 23 cm
Corset circumference (narrowest) - 68cm
Corset circumference (widest) - 74cm

Corset size - ONE SIZE chest bowl - b c c +
If you are in doubt about your size, write to us, we will help!

Set includes: Classic fabric pants (28 EUR)

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